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1NYC VoIP Systems

Serving the local New York City businesses with VoIP systems and host VoIP solutions is what we specialize in. Unlike many other providers we consult with you and educate you on the benefits and weaknesses of each type of VoIP solution. We provide and install premise-based VoIP systems and Hosted VoIP Phones. As a local NYC business we are able to provide you with local support when needed.

2Hosted VoIP Phones

When thinking of Hosted VoIP phones many people think of Cloud phones, and that is a very good association. Unlike that of a premise-based VoIP phone system, Hosted Phones primarily are provisioned and maintained outside of your immediate office. Depending on they type of hosted VoIP solution you select will depend on the features that your will be able to benefit from using.

3Local VoIP Provider

All VoIP Providers are not equal, as I am sure you are aware. As a local NYC VoIP Provider we are able to personalize our support and solutions much more closely aligned with your business model and culture. This allows you to focus on what you do best and allows us to focus on your VoIP technology and make sure it serves your business well.


“It was a pleasure working with a local company that can actually make my phones work right. Can not tell you how frustrating it was prior to making the switch - Thanks Guys!”

-Frank S.

“Nice to have a quality firm that is local. You said you would take care of us but when you showed up at our office I was really impressed.”